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Why Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is a big ocean nation. Its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is nearly 800,000 square miles. Its economic future lies in the exploitation of its vast, rich and pristine lagoons and ocean.

Located in the region which has the largest tuna resource in the world, Marshall Islands presents diversified investment opportunities in fisheries.

Its pristine lagoons encircled by remote atolls offer varied investment opportunities in tourism and marine aquaculture.



Business friendly and sound regulatory environment

Democratic and politically stable

Preferential market access to USA and Europe

Investment-friendly regulatory regime

Open to foreign investors and talents

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Investment Opportunities


The agro-industry offers investment opportunities in these areas: Animal feed production, Production of food crops from hydroponic, Poultry farming, Pig farming, Technology based farming, Virgin coconut oil production and Noni production.


The lagoons in the atolls offer pristine and protected environment for investments in the these opportunities: Pearl farming, Clam farming, Oyster farming, Trochus shell farming, Coral farming, Lagoon cage culture, Offshore lagoon cage culture, Tuna ranching & fattening in cages and High-tech production techniques such as aqua pods

Deep-sea mining

Data available to date indicates that the seabed of Marshall Islands is rich in rare metals like cobalt and titanium, as well as nickel and platinum. The prices of nickel, and platinum have more than tripled in the past 5 years, making it attractive to further investigate opportunities in these minerals.

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Marshall Islands is located in the highly productive western and central Pacific Ocean, the largest tuna fishery in the world with current annual catches exceeding 1.5 million metric ton.


Marshall Islands has an infant manufacturing sector with two main manufacturing enterprises – a copra processing plant which can process 15,000 tons copra & make 10,000 tons crude oil, and a loining plant whose production has been averaging 2,000 tons since 2008.

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Marshall Islands is located in the northern Pacific region of Micronesia – one of the fastest growing regions for tourism in the world – and is located between North America and Asia, two of the most productive tourism source markets.

Its one of the most isolated nations in the world, perfectly located in a tropical warm area with a large swell window and consistent trade winds.


Modern telecommunication links enables remote islands nations like the Marshall Islands to overcome the tyranny of distance and attract services industries like ship registration. Marshall Islands today has the third largest ship registry in the world, with 3,100 vessels and over 100m gross tons.

Renewable Energy

The Division of Energy within the Ministry of Resources and Development is responsible for the National Energy Policy Coordination and some implementation. The Division of Energy comprises of an Energy Office, one support-staff and an Australian Funded Energy Adviser.

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The Marshall Islands rely heavily on imports for supplies of water, food, tools, and other daily needs. The Wholesale & Retail industry is the main distributor of these needs to the people of the Marshall Islands and thus makes it the most sought out and most competitive market.

Export Opportunities


Noni products

Fish products

Value added coconut products

About Us

The Office for Commerce & Investment (OCI) is the nation’s investment and trade promotion agency with the mandate to promote and facilitate exports and investment to boost economic growth, to improve the welfare of the people. It is the first point of contact for investors exploring business opportunities in Marshall Islands, and the agency to go to for export assistance.

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Income tax8%
corporate tax3%
Urban population70%
United States dollar
Official languages
Marshallese & English
US citizens
No visa requirement

Our Vision

Re-Energizing the economic wealth of Marshall Islands

Office of Commerce and Investment -RMI